Any good about page should be as much a mission statement for the entire site so here goes:

My name is Chris Steenson and I am a 3rd Year Archaeology student at the University of York, specialising in the northern european Mesolithic and the heritage and management of popular music venues in the British Isles.

This blog is for the discussion and exploration of the heritage of popular music venues, starting out in Manchester, UK but also taking in venues in the wider world as needed. The focus will be on the social and musical impacts of venues as well as how they can be preserved whilst communicating the atmosphere of the venue in their heyday to future audiences.

Where possible I try to provide the sources for what I say in my posts, so if you think I’ve misused a source or you draw a different conclusion to mine from what I’ve provided then please let me know in the comments. I would like to encourage debate and discussion.

Header Image courtesy of Simone Ridyard